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Testing & Inspection


Swire Oilfield Services is committed to ensuring the safety of offshore personnel through the provision of the highest standard of equipment and services.

As part of this commitment, we offer comprehensive Testing & Inspection services, both on and offshore, so that our customers can be assured that their operations meet international compliance regulations.

Key Services

Offshore Containers & Tanks

Global expertise in the periodic inspection and testing of offshore containers and portable tanks

Lifting Equipment & Accessories

We can offer inspections on a wide range of lifting equipment including cranes, manual and power operated hoists, winches, spoolers and accessories such as slings, shackles, master links and snatch blocks

Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

Our experienced team of PCN & ASNT level II qualified inspectors can offer non-destructive testing in a variety of techniques such as magnetic particle, dye penetrant, ultrasonic and eddy current

Lifeboats & Davits

Our expertise includes the inspection of lifeboat release and retrieval systems, davits and winches

Man Riding Equipment

We can inspect all aspects of man riding equipment including Billy Pugh, winches, carriers, harnesses and safety reels


We can provide our customers with pre-use inspection training on a variety of equipment

Documentation Management

We can offer the management of all documentation relating to an asset including inspection reports, defect reports and reports of thorough examination

Service Plan

Swire Oilfield Services can manage the certification, inspection and maintenance schedules so that our customers can be assured that their equipment is operating to the highest standard at all times, reducing safety risks and eliminating costly delays

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