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Technical Support Services


Using over 38 years of experience in the energy industry, Swire Oilfield Services has created a range of personnel development sessions. Our courses are part of our collaborative approach to sharing knowledge and best practice whilst maintaining a strong focus on safety, driving efficiencies, increasing competitive advantage and long term business performance. Fully tailored to meet your needs, the courses can be run at your facilities, or at one of our 58 global bases in Europe, Africa, North & South America, Asia- Pacific and the Middle East and Caspian Sea.

Key Services

Container & Tank Storage and Handling

Focusing on safety and efficiency, we can offer a variety of courses including forklift operations, loading and unloading, guidance and storage in relation to offshore containers and tanks

Fluid Management

Strict regulations govern the handling and use of oilfield fluids and Swire Oilfield Services can provide a range of courses on chemical, aviation, electrical safety and emergency response procedures so our customers can be assured that they are operating safely and in accordance with industry standards

Dropped Object Awareness & Prevention

Dropped objects can be extremely dangerous and we offer best practice training courses on how to recognise and prevent key risks

Inspection & Maintenance

Swire Oilfield Services can offer basic inspection and maintenance courses to allow our customers to manage their assets more efficiently and ensure they are always operating to the highest standard


Safety is of paramount importance to Swire Oilfield Services and we have developed an industry leading safety programme which we use internally and with our customers to empower personnel with the knowledge of how to identify and eliminate operational hazards in the workplace

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