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Certification Management


Swire Oilfield Services offers a certification management service to reduce manual processes and ensure our customers equipment is always operating to the highest standard and is in compliance with industry regulations. Through OverVu®, our track and trace solutions software, our customers can have full visibility of the compliance status of their equipment, ensuring a proactive approach that reduces the risk of costly delays and downtime.

Key Services

Certification Storage

OverVu can store certification for a wide range of assets and equipment, including offshore containers, lifting equipment and tools

Compliance Visibility

A user friendly traffic light system allows users to see the compliance status of all assets based on the number of days to recertification

Recertification Alerts

Automated alerts generated through OverVu advise users up to 60 days before certifications are due for renewal

Asset Tracking

In addition to storing compliance data, OverVu can allow users to locate their equipment and assets throughout the supply chain, making it easier to coordinate the recertification activities

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