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Equipment Maintenance & Refurbishment


Swire Oilfield Services offers an extensive range of maintenance and refurbishment services including repairs, preventative maintenance, re-purposing and document management, for a variety of equipment types.

Maintenance is an essential investment for ensuring the safety, longevity and efficiency of your equipment. At Swire Oilfield Services, we strive to provide the most comprehensive and reliable equipment maintenance services to ensure your equipment is in safe and working order always.

Our custom built on-site facilities available at each of our 58 global base locations are supported by our fully trained and certified maintenance personnel.

Key Services

Refurbishment & Repairs

Using our in-house expertise, we offer cost effective and efficient refurbishment and repairs on a wide range of equipment to extend asset operating lives and ensure minimal disruption to operations

Preventative Maintenance

Scheduled preventative maintenance is essential to ensure uninterrupted operations by proactively identifying and addressing any risks or defects.

Documentation Management

We can manage all documentation relating to an asset including certifications, inspection and maintenance reports

Service Plans

We can manage the certification, inspection and maintenance schedules so that our customers can be assured that their equipment is operating at the highest standard at all times, reducing safety risks and eliminating costly delays

Quality Control

Each modification is monitored and reviewed so our customers can be assured that all outputs are to the same high standard and meet industry regulations

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