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Fleet Management


Swire Oilfield Services offers a comprehensive tailored fleet management solution to ensure our customers can increase inefficiencies while reducing costs.

Offshore containers are essential for transporting project critical equipment and materials offshore, but managing a fleet of containers and tanks can be costly and labour intensive. With an ever increasing demand to enhance efficiencies whilst reducing costs, Swire Oilfield Services can provide the solution.

By leveraging over 38 years of experience, we offer a fleet management service to allow our customers to focus on their core business. Each solution is fully tailored with the aim of streamlining and simplifying processes to increase utilisation and drive considerable cost savings.

Key Services

Inventory Management

Management of the day to day ordering, storage, tracking and use of the container and tank fleet and associated equipment

Fleet Management Coordinator

A dedicated Fleet Management Coordintor can be based at our customers site who will oversee all fleet management activities

Inspection & Maintenance

Management and facilitation of the necessary inspection and maintenance of cargo carrying units, both on and offshore, so that our customers can be assured they are operating to maximum efficiency and are compliant with industry regulations

Asset Tracking

Swire Oilfield Services’ asset tracking software, OverVu®, provides increased visibility and enables our customers to monitor the location and compliance status of their equipment and materials throughout the supply chain

Transportation Management

Ensuring the efficient and cost effective onshore transportation of cargo carrying units to customer bases and quayside


Our customers can be safe in the knowledge of full transparency and will receive detailed reporting against set KPI’s. Swire Oilfield Services will also use this data to make recommendations for continuous improvement, efficiency gains and cost savings

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