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Blasting & Painting


Swire Oilfield Services offers a selection of blasting and painting services for a variety of equipment types. Our certified in-house coating experts can provide complete surface preparation and abrasive blast cleaning, as well as industrial-quality painting and coating via airless spray.

Our professional and reliable blasting and painting services offer an efficient and cost effective solution for preparing structures and protective your equipment against the harshest of conditions.

Blasting & Painting services and solutions are available from our on-site facilities across all our 58 global bases in Europe, Africa, Middle East & Caspian Sea, North & South America and Asia-Pacific.

Key Services

Asset Inspection & Repair Recommendation

Our certified coating inspector can survey equipment onsite and recommend the necessary repair, whether a localised repair can be carried out or if full blast and paint is required to achieve maximum protection and coating longevity

Surface Preparation

Materials such as aluminium, carbon steel, galvanised steel, shop primed steel and stainless steel substances can be prepared at the highest standard for coating

Paint Application

Specialising in the application of anti-corrosive and high performance painting and coatings via airless spray


We have substantial experience in carrying out destructive testing to validate coating performance, and we can conduct these tests in-house and produce a test report If required, accelerated corrosion testing can be carried out via our external testing provider


Each stage of the blast and coating process is inspected and documented to ensure the work is carried out to the highest standard

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