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Chemical Handling, Storage and Transportation


Swire Oilfield Services provides specialist Chemical Management solutions for the handling, storage, transportation and delivery of high-value chemicals and essential oilfield fluids. We offer only the highest quality tanks and equipment to provide secure, robust and reliable methods of chemical handling.

Key Services


We offer a variety of safe and cost effective storage and stock management options from our global bases.

  • Provision of Bulk Storage tanks (also heated ones), area for storage of both IBC’s, drums and kegs, heated inside (because of freezing point of chemical) and outside.
    • Accurate tank level control, recording and reporting on a regular basis.
    • Facilities to transfer from bulk storage to blender
    • Facilities to fill pack-out from bulk storage
    • Systems to ensure product segregation
    • Inventory management, including storage of QC samples and monthly product stock level reporting.

Handling of Products for Dispatch

  • Outbound order, receipt management, filtration, repacking/decanting, labelling, sampling/QC testing, goods movement, loading/transporting/transferring (to/across quayside) and to consolidation hub.
  • Dispatch paperwork;
    • Dangerous goods note
    • Material safety data sheet
    • Tank certificate (if applicable)
    • Dispatch certificate
    • Ship manifest
    • Cargo summary (if applicable)
  • Labelling
    • All required labelling requirements i.e. transportation diamonds etc. to meet local, national and EU laws and regulations.
  • Sealing of tanks before dispatch offshore, to NOG091 regulations.


Our highly-trained staff can offer custom blending, mixing and sampling services.

• Blending Facilities to be capable of 100% cleanliness and discharge to allow aqueous & organic blending.
• Blends controlled as per formulation and blending guidelines provided by customer.
• Swire can blend individual batch quantities in the range from 200 kg upwards.

Additional services

Safety Advisor

Our on-site Safety Advisors ensure that we operate the highest standard facilities and processes for safe chemical handling in accordance with industry regulations as a minimum.

Chemical Sales

We have a variety of Glycols and other commodity chemicals for sale like MEG, TEG, Methanol and Sodium Hypochlorite among others.

Tank Rental/Management

Swire Oilfield Services operates a range of transportable chemical tanks designed, manufactured and tested in full compliance with the relevant industry standards including IMDG/ADR classifications and DNV 2.7-1/EN12079/BS7072 frames. Types and designs vary to suit a wide variety of products and capacities from 1,000 to 52,000 liters.

We can also offer full tank management services, including:
• Inspection, certification, document provision, removal of nonstandard Labels (such as product and hazard labels, etc.)
• Repair and maintenance.
• Coupling management (fitting/removal/storage, testing as required)
• Back office admin (Including customer service, billing, reporting, KPI’s etc.).
• Tank cleaning (provided on all locations).
• Providing Track & Trace solutions.
• Storage of transportation tanks
• Logistic and administration

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