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TRS Development & Deployment

Swire Oilfield Services, in partnership with BP and ASCO Group, designed and developed a DNV 2.7-3 certified Tubular Rack System (TRS).
Posted 02 Jun 2017

Installation Location

Aberdeen Quayside

Equipment Installed 

TRS1-001 / TRS2-001 / TRS3-001 

Duration of Campaign

November 2016 – Present 

Vessel Details

ASCO NS Lona & Caledoninan Vanguard 


Winner - Health and Safety Award  - Press & Journal Gold Awards 2017

Nominated - Innovation Award  - Press & Journal Gold Awards 2017

Project Overview

Swire Oilfield Services was approached by BP to design and deliver a safer mode of tubular transportation offshore, following an HSE incident whereby a vessel deckhand narrowly escaped serious injury after walking on a stow of casing. After an investigation by BP, it was identified that although walking on pipe was against vessel operating procedures, it was common practice, often to attach or release trapped transit slings.

SOS, in partnership with BP and ASCO Group, has designed and developed a DNV 2.7-3 certified Tubular Rack System (TRS). This TRS has been developed to be used on any platform supply vessel, delivering a universal solution for safe handling and transportation of drill casing and tubulars from the quayside to the offshore installation. The key functions delivered by the TRS are the safe loading and unloading of casing and tubulars from quayside to platform, and safe and secure storage of tubulars while on vessel decks.   

Key Features

The SOS TRS was specifically designed to tackle some of the main safety and operational hazards, identified through the investigation of current practices utilised by supply vessels handling tubular transportation. 

  • Transit sling termination post allow slings to be efficiently and safely organised for the smooth loading and offloading of tubulars, eliminating the requirement of personnel to walk on top of the pipe bundles.
  • Walkway sections allow easy access to the casing and tubulars as well as safe and protected access to safe havens along the vessel deck, and a clear escape route for personnel. 
  • Clear and protected target areas for landing bundles, utilising high impact rubber contact surface skids as well as highly visible stencils and safety marketing on loading areas.

Key Benefits

The TRS was designed to ensure safe and timely installation onto any platform supply vessel.

  • Three interlocking sections with semi-automatic ISO Twist locking systems that can be adapted to fit the required space.
  • 60 minutes total installation time. 
  • 2-metre high tubular stacking.
  • Total system footprint  70.1m2, with only approximately 6.9m2 of unusable space for maximum deck utilisation.

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