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Operational Excellence

Swire Oilfield Services is committed to the continuous improvement of our technical capabilities and efficiencies across all of our global locations.


In order to support our global capabilities, and achieve our Vision 2020, Swire Oilfield Services created an Operational Excellence programme across the global business to ensure operational efficiencies are maximised and expectations are exceeded through standardisation and continuous improvement.

Swire Oilfield Services operates Quality Management Systems covering ‘the hire, sale, maintenance and associated testing of offshore containers, and transportable tanks’certificated in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001.

To standardise all operational activities across our organisation Swire Oilfield Services has introduced the Operational Excellence program. This program is based on seven main operational processes, constructed from seven supporting pillars.

1. Receiving, Storage & Despatching Equipment
2. Washing Equipment
3. Inspection of Equipment
4. Stencilling Equipment
5. Test & compliance of Equipment
6. Repair of Equipment
7. Refurbishment of Equipment.

All operational facilities, including sub-contractors, are monitored against these process
requirements on an on-going basis through a program of self-assessment and audit.
In support of these processes three Global technical standards have also been developed
which provide detailed guidance and acceptance criteria.

1. Inspection of Offshore CCU’s
2. Test & Compliance of Offshore CCU’s
3. Maintenance of Offshore CCU’s