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Ethics, Values & People

For over 200 years, the John Swire & Sons Group of companies has been recognised as acting responsibly in the course of achieving its commercial success. Our reputation for fair dealing and integrity is a great asset: preserving the asset depends on high standards. Compliance with this Code is an essential part of doing so. At Swire Oilfield Services we are proud of this reputation as part of the wider Swire Group which we have held for more than 38 years. Our core values of integrity, humility, endeavour, excellence and continuity underpin everything we do. As these values show, it has always been our policy to operate in a fair and ethical manner and it will continue to be so.

Code of Ethics

Swire Oilfield Services is committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity and we pride ourselves on acting responsibly in the course of achieving our commercial success. Our reputation for fair dealing and integrity is a great asset – preserving this depends on the highest standards and compliance with our Code of Ethics is an essential part of doing so.

Sustainable Development

We are committed to the sustainable development of our business. We ensure we provide quality products and services to our customers, strive to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment and try to make positive contributions in the communities in which we operate. We favour suppliers and contractors who promote sustainable development and encourage the responsible use of our products and services by customers and consumers.

Our Values

Integrity | Humility | Endeavour | Excellence | Continuity


• Do the ‘right’ thing
• No politics
• Support each other; our success is down to the team
• Our word is our bond


• Respect and learn from each other
• Be aware of our limitations
• We all have a place - be open to others: learn from them
• We are self-confident but beware vanity and excess pride


• No short cuts
• Endeavour / Enterprise made Swire what it is today
• Pioneering spirit
• Relish a challenge
• Deliver results
• Lasting success through solid, responsible, hard work


• Dedication to excellence in all businesses
• Strive for best in class
• Doing the job in the best possible way


• We take the long-term view - strategic
• Fundamental concern for people and the communities we work with
• Sustainable growth
• Enduring value for our shareholders
• Engender respect and loyalty of staff and public