Fluid Management

Swire Oilfield Services provides specialist solutions for the storage, transportation and delivery of high-value chemicals and essential oilfield fluids. Offering only the highest quality tanks and equipment, we provide secure, robust and reliable methods of eliminating the risk of chemical spillage or ignition of flammable vapours.

Quality and certification

Swire Oilfield Services tanks are all designed and manufactured to the highest international standards including: DNV 2.7-1 & EN 12079.

Chemical handling

Swire Oilfield Services carefully blend bulk-shipped chemicals to exact concentrations and transfer the resulting solutions into offshore transportation containers ready for shipping. Our range of tanks, within high-integrity concrete bunding provide for an almost unlimited range of chemical stocks, saving customers time, money and concern.

Other chemical handling facilities include:

  • 60m3 bulk tanks & 35m3 bulk tanks
  • IBC storage (internal & external)
  • Blending vessels (batch sizes up to 10 tonnes)
  • Quality control analysis laboratory
  • Licensed waste transfer station
  • Effluent management system
  • Computerised stock control and dispatch system

Pumping and filtration systems

Our pumps and filtration systems are specifically designed for use in a wide range of drilling, production, completion, work-over and plug and abandon applications.

Services include:
  • Filter systems are suitable for the filtration of solids from a wide range of fluids or chemicals
  • Skid-based units suitable for a broad range of functions both on- and offshore
  • Various pressure ranges and flow rates available
  • Wheel-mounted pumping units or skid-mounted pumping units available for numerous applications
  • Extensive range of complementary hoses and fittings available to match almost any application e.g. low pressure tank truck and transfer hoses, high pressure hoses and high pressure iron
  • On-hand certified technical support to assist in matching the correct equipment for the appropriate task
  • Safety relief systems included along with lifting requirements that exceed International requirements

High pressure iron

15,000 PSI High pressure treating iron

  •  Tested and inspected before each use. Inspection and test charts provided
  • Complementary range of 2” and 3” I.D. in loops, straights, plug valves , swings, flow 90 degree ELS and necessary parts for complete services of rigging up a job

Helifuel storage

If you operate an offshore installation, the logistics of your personnel will rely heavily on helicopter operations. 

The reliability of this operation depends on the reliable source of JET A-1 fuel.

  •  Onshore bulk storage, handling and dispensing of JET A-1 fuel

Service data sheet



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