Swire Oilfield Services has been operating in West Africa since 2001 and is now the largest supplier of rental units in Nigeria, Angola and Ghana. Our clients in these areas enjoy the highest specification, DNV 2.7-1 certified equipment.

Our expert team can help you deal with local challenges, and bring you access to the very best equipment and services in the market.

In Southern Africa, Swire Oilfield Services operates through Prime Power Angola Lda. (PPAL) in Angola.

We want to ensure that Ghana’s oil industry has access to the same wide range of products and services that is available to other parts of the world.

We can also support your needs across the rest of sub-Saharan Africa from our regional hub in Lagos. Currently, we work with customers in Tanzania, Liberia, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Congo, Ivory Coast and Gabon.  We have recently moved into East Africa and are now supporting customers in that area.


In Nigeria, our 20,000sqm base in Port Harcourt offers a full range of support services. We also have teams of experts working out of Eket, Onne, Gabon, Congo and Cameroon.

Situated in Takoradi, Swire Oilfield Services offers equipment rental as well as full support services and strive to deliver an improved offshore container and tank service to the growing oil and gas industry in Ghana.

It is our aim to lead the way in developing and help to create the industry standards in the offshore container market.  We refurbish and repair units, and carry out full testing of our equipment.  As with all our bases our equipment is designed to meet DNV 2.7-1 standards.

In addition to our full range of equipment and services we offer offshore helifuel inspections, helifuel management, rigging lofts and third-party inspections.


Our Angolan team is based in Luanda and at Soyo. We offer a full range of support services from the refurbishment and repair of units to the full testing of our equipment to ensure it is ready for hire and complies with the standards you expect from Swire Oilfield Services.  We are working with customers in Mozambique and Congo.

Our full fleet of cargo-carrying units is available for sale or rent and all our products match the latest HSEQ standards.


The East coast of Africa is one of the most exciting exploration areas in the region.  With the opening of our new office in Kenya we have established our presence in this key area.  We have identified a growing demand for our quality equipment and services as a result of exploration inland on the great lakes and in remote and challenging locations.


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