Chemical Handling

We have the proven expertise you’re looking for in the storage, transfer, blending and packaging of a diverse range of commodity and specialty oilfield chemicals.

Of course, this service complements our custom-built fleet of offshore transportation tanks.

Tight deadlines? With product stocks close to the point of vessel loading, you can react quickly to meet the most urgent of shipping schedules. This adds real value to the chemicals supply chain, building on your reputation for a high-quality, responsive service.

And of course, we can also provide supply-chain support for chemicals not destined for the offshore industry.


Why transport water or small quantities of chemicals from your manufacturing site to the quayside? Instead, why not transport concentrated chemicals in bulk and allow Swire Oilfield Services to do the final blending and transfer into an offshore transportation container?

Our facilities include stainless steel and high-density polyethylene storage tanks, within high-integrity concrete bunding.


  • 60m3 bulk tanks
  • 35m3 bulk tanks
  • IBC storage (internal & external)
  • Two blending vessels
  • Licensed waste transfer station
  • Effluent management system